rewards/kulula moolah

What is 'kulula moolah'?

Whenever you spend on your kulula credit card you get cash back in the form of kulula moolah. kulula moolah is used to pay or part pay for any flight booked on Use kulula moolah to book tickets for you, your family and your friends.


How much moolah can I earn?

We'd like to give you the world. But since that's beyond our budget, we've worked out a nifty system to get you flying. The amount of kulula moolah you’ll earn will depend on how much you spend during each month.

spend during the monthyou'll get back
R0 - R5 000 = 3% back in kulula moolah
R5 001 - R10 000 = 2% back in kulula moolah
R10 001 - R20 000 = 1% back in kulula moolah
The maximum amount of spend you can earn kulula moolah on is R20 000

If you spend just R2,000 on your credit card for 6 months, you'll have R360 in kulula moolah to blow on a flight and even airport taxes. Just remember that the kulula moolah you earned in month one will expire in month six.


How do I earn kulula moolah?

You earn by swiping your kulula credit card when you make purchases almost anywhere.


How do I redeem my moolah?

  • You redeem by purchasing flights on
  • A travelbank account would have been set up on your behalf.
  • Your kulula moolah spend will reflect in the travelbank account.
  • Once you’ve received your login and password , visit, select a flight, and log in to travelbank through ‘my kulula ID’.
  • Once you get to the payment page you can select travelbank to pay or part pay for your flights.
  • Always combine your payment with a credit card. *Hint: pay with your kulula gold credit card and earn even more kulula moolah.
  • Once you receive your kulula gold credit card, activate your kulula ID by following the link from the email that we sent.
  • Spend R1,000 on your new kulula gold credit card in your first month and we’ll give you R200 kulula moolah, free.

Does kulula moolah expire?

kulula moolah expires every 6 months. kulula moolah earned in month one will expire at the end of month six.


When don't I earn kulula moolah?

There aren't many occasions when you won't earn kulula moolah, but these are them:

  • ATM transactions, internet and electronic transactions, fuel/petrol and other related transactions, cash withdrawals, and purchases made with travellers' cheques.
  • Finance charges, account service fees and ledger fees. If you have government tax debited against your account, you won't earn moolah, either.
  • If your account goes into arrears until you pay the required amount.
  • Once you've spent over R20,000 in the same month or billing cycle, you’ll stop earning any more kulula moolah.