NCA qualifying criteria

You need to be at least 18 years old and permanently employed. You'll also need to be earning a minimum of R80 000 per annum or about R6 700 a month, however there are other factors that we need to take into account too (which the Reserve Bank makes us look at), so it's best if you give us a shout if you are unsure.

tell me more about the National Credit Act (NCA)

What is the NCA?

The National Credit Act (NCA) is a South African law that came into effect on 1 June 2007. This gives all our fans better protection from anyone granting them credit.


Does the NCA apply to me?

Yip, but only if you are applying for a new kulula credit card.


What if I already have a credit agreement?

Then it's important to know that these agreements will remain unchanged, so the current terms and conditions will apply, unless you apply for a change to your existing agreement, then you'll have to get revised terms and conditions.


How will the NCA benefit me?

You'll get a pre-agreement upfront with a quote (no hidden costs) and then you'll get 5 working days to shop around if you wish to change your mind.

You have the right to find out about your credit worthiness, and if your application is declined, you're entitled to know why.

If you are over-indebted and having difficulty meeting your payments, you'll be able to talk to a debt counsellor who'll be able to help you.


Didn't find what you were looking for?

No sweat! Simply call one of our friendly helpers on 0860 MOOLAH (666524) or go the National Credit Regulator website at to find out more.

Terms and Conditions for kulula credit card